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|| Posted by: davidbispo || (Send a PM) || 1624 View || 73 Downloads ||
|| Date: 24/11/2012 || Time: 14:35:36 ||


Miss squish - Liza dances on crawdads (NEW!)

Category:Crushing (Feet)        Producer:Other/Unknow
Shoes: Sandals (High Heel)Victims: Crawdads


Liza is in a sexy short black dress and a cute new pair of black-gold platform sandals with killer wooden heels to dance on a bunch of crawdads!
To the rythm of salsa she grabs her victims and dances on them! Crawdads become the dancefloor for goddess Liza!
During the clip a second cam shots appear simultaneously so you can watch her sensual moves from two different angles!
Her second victim is left on the dancefloor for a while, just to suffer and watch other critters smashed by her sensual foot, until she decides to take care of him with her thick wooden heel!
For the last victim her special treatment: she take off a shoe and crush him with her sandal in her hand!

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